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About us


I qualified as a registered ADI in 1999 and worked for the AA for approximately 2 years.

I then went independent and started my own business, Geebee school of motoring in 2001. At this stage I was working purely as an ADI teaching learners. At this point I started developing my own teaching skills progressing into delivering advanced driving.

 In 2004 I became a registered Fleet trainer and started working freelance with IAM and other major companies. The main objective is to deliver advanced driving techniques and risk assessments to employed drivers or those with company cars. In 2007 I became an ORDIT registered ADI trainer and began working with ADITA to train people who wish to become ADIs themselves.

 I am confident the new techniques and methods I have developed and continue to develop represent the future of driving instruction and road safety. As a result of this all my pupils will benefit from the latest materials and online technology.

 As part of my development I attended and passed an Advanced Driving Tuition course at Cranfield University where the driving research unit is based. This course dealt with advanced driving techniques and also the latest research in driving science and the psychology of driving.   

I am the only Scottish driving instructor and the only instructor based in Scotland to have attended and passed this course.  I am a grade A the highest  grade. Only 36%

Of ADIs hold this grade