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Learner Drivers

I am Gavin Brownlie and I am GeeBee School of Motoring" founded in 1999 to teach learner drivers how to drive safely and pass the UK driving test.As an Edinburgh Driving School, I deliver driving lessons in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We use a set program of learning for the  needs of the learner


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Driving Instructor Training

Geebee Driving can provide full training to those wishing to become an ADI, but specifically offers Part 1 Part 2 part 3 rescue training . If you are struggling to pass the qualifying exams or feel you are not getting training that meets your needs then GeeBee can put you back on route to successfully achieving your green badge

Fleet Driver Education Services

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Our Services

Gavin Brownlie offers a full range services for fleet customers via Fleet Driver Education Services. This specialist company can help fleet operators:Save up to 15% on fuel costs Reduce fuel usage by 18% Manage and Reduce Occupational Road Risks